Special Of The Month

Special of the month:

Travertine Special. Supply and Install only. Colours - Olympus /light and Hamara /Medium.

Pavers - 610mm x 406mm x 30mm

Pavers - 406mm x 406mm x 30mm

Pavers Bullnosed - 406mm x 406mm x 30mm

Pavers Bullnosed - 610mm x 406mm x 30mm

Travertine on Roadbase and Sand Approx. cost $200.00 per m2


Dirt and Waste Removal

75mm Compacted Road Base

25mm Sand Bedding

Premium A Grade Travertine

Gap Sand

Mortared Haunch for Edge Restraint.


Travertine on a concrete slab Approx. cost $350.00 per m2


Dirt and Waste Removal.

75mm Re Enforced Concrete Slab. (7 days to cure)

25mm Sand and Cement screed.


Premium A Grade Travertine.

Grout - 5mm joints


Travertine bullnosed pool coping Approx. cost $175.00 per lineal meter


Premium A Grade Travertine.

Polyurethane Expansion Joints. (Approx 2.4 m)

Polyurethanebead along pool beam 50mm in from waters edge.

Grout - 5mm joints, from Polyurethanebead to edge of pool shell (under side of coping)


Note:If required, grinding of pool beam not included.

Install - Price for installation will be confirmed after on-site inspection. 1.6 m access required for excavations or price may vary.

FREE QUOTE: Supply and install only for the above products

Contact us to arrange an obligation free on-site inspection and quote.