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Your driveway is one of the major features of your house that greets you and your guests on a daily basis, so why not make that focal point inviting. The right decision will add street appeal while enhancing the architectural look of your home. A paved driveway will be the most important feature of a landscaped front yard, and no home is complete without a matching attractive driveway and path. Just a few small additions from there can transform your whole yard, by using the same paver for a curved garden edging, a paved feature, paved stepping stone or by matching colour to a retaining wall,  your options are endless.

However the most important part of your driveway is the part you can’t see – the preparation. JPB Paving Canberra are professionals and understand the construction requirements for new or improved driveways. Don't leave it to chance, call JPB Paving Canberra for your driveway installation.


Driveway approval information from ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services TAMs web site:


Driveway requirements

The driveway must be:

  • Outside the canopy/dripline of old or mature trees
  • A minimum of 3 m clear of small and new trees
  • 1.2 m clear of sumps and other services,
  • 1.5 m clear of transformers, mini pillars and street lights
  • 6 metres clear of Tangent Point (TP) or corner block
  • On a site with a proposed uphill grade less than 17%
  • On a site with a proposed downhill grade less than 12%
  • At a right angle to the kerb line (max 1:10 deviation)
  • Footpaths are to take precedence over the driveway and are to remain continuous
  • You must also ensure that you are not making any alterations to a nominated heritage site.

Driveway Approvals

You will need development approval for all maintenance, repairs, replacement and modifications to driveways in heritage areas.

In non-heritage areas, if you are replacing the existing driveway using the same building materials and not modifying the original shape or size of the driveway, you do not need development approval from actpla, but you will need to contact Roads ACT. Roads ACT needs to approve the final formwork/base of the section of the driveway that is outside your land (the strip from the road to your boundary) before the application of the final finish.



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