Drainage and Stormwater

Drainage and Stormwater Canberra

JPB Paving Canberra can provide a solution to your storm water problems.

Water pooling

In urban environments, paved surfaces such as driveway, paths, courtyards and pool areas can cover a significant area of your home. These ‘impervious’ surfaces do not allow rainfall to soak through them to the underlying soil and as a result contribute to flooding that would otherwise naturally occur around your home. The rapid pace that storm water runoff is delivered, needs to be addressed so as not to cause erosion, guttering and pooling of water. Provision for drainage and storm water runoff must always be made when undertaking any work involving paving or landscaping.

Storwater Installation

All storm water installation must comply with minimum depth requirements, JPB understand these requirements with many years of construction experience, we can ensure your yard is ready to take on the elements.


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