Retaining Walls

Garden Retaining Walls

Retaining wallscome in all shapes and sizes so it's good to have an idea of what you're after. Rock, Treated Pine Sleepers, Concrete face blocks or bricks - your options in materials are endless. Retaining walls are designed to support or contain areas of soil and are commonly used on houses that are built on sloping sites, to help level out the front or back yard areas so that the space can be fully utilised for gardens and outdoor recreational areas.

The appearance of the wall is very important, an un-attractive retaining wall can detract from the outside appeal of your home. The wide range of style and design options provided by JPB makes the perfect choice for matching the retaining wall to the style of your home and surrounding areas. Retaining walls are a great solution for raised garden beds, terracing front yard or back yard gardens or a patio area. Add some steps and you can create a stunning area to complement your pergola, spa bath area, or gazebo.

Key components of a retaining wall include:

  • Structural stability
  • Durability
  • Provision of drainage

Drainage is an important aspect of a well built retaining wall. Although designed to take soil pressure, water pressure is a different story. A build up of water behind the wall can cause sliding, rotation or cracking, affecting the integrity of the wall.

Talk to JPB about your requirements for building your retaining walls in Canberra.

Retaining wall information below from ACT Goverment web site:

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