Paved Pathways Canberra

Paths, similar to driveways, greet people to your home. It should be inviting and functional, and of course, look good. Every yard has a path; it can easily be made into a feature of your home.

With so many different styles of paths and types of pavers on the market, the choices in matching your pathways to the garden and surrounds can be quite a personal decision to compliment your garden design.

  • Concrete and clay pavers are attractive, functional, welcoming and can be laid in various patterns, perfect to match to a paved driveway. You could have a simple path leading to your washing line or curving paths marauding through your garden leading to a paved entertaining area.
  • Natural stone pavers can add a touch of elegance and class to your property. A path made from natural stone represents its own indulgence when its leading to an indoor or outdoor living space, or swimming pool surround made from the same material.
  • Large platform pavers - Natural stone pavers or Concrete pavers bring a contemporary sophistication to any uniformed outdoor living space using straight lines for pathways.

Matching your pathways to the surrounds is an important point to remember when planning your garden design, in both pattern and materials. Adding a paved edge to your pathways to create a barrier to stop garden mulch, dirt or leaves from intruding can give your house an instant facelift. JPB Paving Canberra can work with you to provide solutions for your yard, ensuring your new or revamped path is the best choice to compliment your garden.

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