Paving Repair

Paving Repair Canberra

Paving in disrepair can cause you no end of headaches, especially if you require open and flat access to your door, or maybe you just have a tripping hazard for visitors. No matter what state your paved path, paved driveway or common area is in, we can repair your paving with little fuss or disruption to your outdoor lifestyle.

Loose or Uneven Pavers

Loose or Uneven paving requires re-bedding, however it is more important to rectify the cause which may be attributed to;

  • Incorrect compaction during base preparation.
  • No drainage or poor drainage allowing water ingress to bedding layers.
  • Edging has failed.
  • Loads greater than the pavement was designed to carry.

Paving Replaced

Paving can usually be replaced quite easily, and, more importantly, invisibly.

Stains Removal

Mortar, Cement, Concrete, Oil, Rust, Algae, Lichens, Mosses, Beer, Wine, Chewing gum, Barbecue fat, Paint, or the car oil leak!


Efflorescence is a whitish discoloration that can appear like a powder or soapy scum. It is a natural phenomenon and is best left to resolve itself. It's not pretty but it doesn't actually do any long-term harm to the paving and in the vast majority of cases it will be over and done within a few months but it really is impossible to eliminate. If it's really annoying you, a stiff brush, clean water, and elbow grease is the best option. Cleaners and 'efflorescence removers' are, at best, temporary fixes but can improve the appearance in the short-term.

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